Yu-Gi-Oh! Creator Kazuki Takahashi Found Dead in Okinawa

Rest in peace to the Game King.

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As reported by Japanese news outlet NHK, the creator of the popular card game franchise, Yu-Gi-Oh!, has been found dead in Okinawa, Japan. The world-renowned mangaka and game designer, Kazuki Takahashi was 60 years old.

On July 6, Japanese coast guards found Takahashi’s body floating off the coast of Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture. The body was reported to be wearing snorkelling equipment, with the Nago Coast Guard today confirming that the body belonged to Takahashi.

An autopsy and investigation are being conducted by the Nago City Coast Guard and the police to determine the cause of Takahashi’s death.

This definitely is a surprise for Yu-Gi-Oh! fans everywhere, a tragic end for a phenomenal creator who has brought joy around the world with his manga and the card game that spawned from it.

As most fans would know, Yu-Gi-Oh! originally centered around numerous in-universe tabletop games, a testament to Takahashi’s own love for tabletop and card-based games.

While Takahashi was a manga artist since 1982, he only found success through Yu-Gi-Oh!, which came as a surprise to both the mangaka and the publisher Shonen Jump. What was supposed to be a horror manga, Yu-Gi-Oh! Soon became one of the most popular shonen manga of all time.

With Takahashi creating his own in-universe card game, known at the time as Magic and Wizards, Shonen Jump fans began asking about the game. This led to the creation of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game and its use as a central plot device in the anime and manga.

Initially based on Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game has since kept the brand going, even after Takahashi moved to a supervisor role for the franchise. Each subsequent entry in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series has kept the card game in the spotlight.

There have since been eleven incarnations of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, with the current season being known as Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!! The card game has also seen continued success in video games, with Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel continuing to be a hit on PC, mobile, and consoles.

Hopefully, more details about Takahashi’s snorkelling-related death comes to light soon.

This post might contain affiliation links. If you buy something through this post, the publisher may get a share of the sale.
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