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This isn't a drill, there's a Stranger Things Hellfire Club Christmas sweater

(Image credit: Merchoid)

A Stranger Things Hellfire Club Christmas sweater has been announced, and we now have serious concerns about the future wellbeing of our bank-balance.

Following on from the all-consuming Hellfire Club t-shirt mania that saw the tee sell out practically everywhere, Merchoid has unveiled a Stranger Things Hellfire Club Christmas sweater for launch in October 2022. It's available in a variety of sizes for $54.99 direct from Merchoid (opens in new tab) (which includes all shipping and tax costs). 

However, you may need to move fast if you want to secure this particular sweater for your winter wardrobe and become, as Merchoid puts it, "the master of presents" (yes, very clever). According to the site, it's selling out fast and only a few are left. While we're unsure exactly how many remain in stock, it's probably best not to leave things to chance.

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Hellfire Club Christmas Sweater | $54.99 at Merchoid (opens in new tab)
Available October 2022 - This design honors the D&D club of Eddie Munson with loads of hidden references like a Demogorgon, tabletop dice such as D20s and D4s, and Upside Down Christmas trees. It's a unisex fit with sizes from XS to XXXL.

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