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Leon Hurley

Senior Guides Co-ordinator

Leon Hurley runs the GamesRadar guides section, writing and planning tips and guides with his team. This sees him overseeing all the guides content, tips and walkthrough coverage on the site across PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Switch - playing games to find all the secrets while working with writers and freelancers to cover everything from Pokemon Go to Warzone. He also writes previews, reviews, features and presents videos. He started his gaming career as a staff writer on Official PlayStation Magazine in the days of PlayStation 2 and has written about games ever since, covering news, reviews, features, hosting video shows and more for titles like Edge, GamesMaster, SFX, CVG and many more. After working his way up Official PlayStation Magazine to become deputy editor and eventually website editor, he then left to become news editor for Kotaku UK, contributing to both the UK and international sites, before joining GamesRadar in the same role and eventually becoming Guides Coordinator. He loves big open world games like Skyrim, Fallout or Dying Light, horror games like Soma and Resident Evil 7, and big story led stuff like Horizon, Spider-Man and more. He also has a keen interest in game development, writing about why certain things happen, and trying to demystify the whole process. He's also made his own games in GameMaker and Unity.    

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