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Tom Clancy Games Discounted To Cheap Prices On Consoles And PC

Rainbow Six Extraction, The Division 2, and more are all available at a discount.


Ubisoft is offering big price cuts on dozens of Tom Clancy games until May 18. Whether you're looking for a classic such as Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory or a new release like Rainbow Six Extraction, just about every notable Tom Clancy title is included in the sale. Titles from across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC are all accounted for, so be sure to check out the deals while you can.

Rainbow Six Extraction is worth checking out thanks to the new sale. Currently discounted to just $20, Rainbow Six Extraction features the excellent tactical gunplay that has made Siege such a success. If you have a group of friends to play with, Extraction can be quite fun. And if you're yet to play Siege, you'll find it discounted to just eight bucks.

Despite launching in 2019, The Division 2 is still alive and kicking--there's even a bunch of new content planned for 2022. Currently marked down to just five bucks, The Division 2 is well worth playing even if you only want to play the main campaign solo. For $12, you can get the base game and the great Warlords of New York expansion.

Rounding out the sale are a variety of classic Tom Clancy games, such as the original Splinter Cell,Rainbow Six Lockdown, and Rainbow Six Vegas 2. The full catalog can be found on the Ubisoft Store, but some of our favorite deals are highlighted below.

Best deals on Ubisoft Store

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