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Save $50 On The Xbox Series S For A Limited Time

This is the best deal we've seen so far on the Xbox Series S.


If you've been on the fence about buying an Xbox Series S, there's an excellent deal available right now that is definitely tempting. Woot, an Amazon-owned company, is selling the Xbox Series for only $250 right now

In order to purchase it, you'll have to download the Woot mobile app on iOS or Android, as this is one of the rare Woot deals that is limited to the mobile app. This matches the best deal we've seen on the Xbox Series S. Adorama had it for the same price a few weeks back, and it sold out quickly.

Alternatively, you can pick up the Xbox Series S bundle with Fortnite and Rocket League $270 at Woot. You're saving 30 bucks here, but if you play both online multiplayer games, it may be worth it to opt for this bundle

While finding the Xbox Series S in stock is easy nowadays, it's not super common to find deals on it. Woot's discounts on both Xbox Series S consoles are set to expire on Sunday, but we'd expect them to sell out before the promotion ends.

In recent weeks, the Xbox Series X has become far easier to buy than it once was. Walmart had the Series X in stock for numerous weeks before selling out. Amazon also had the Series X in stock for a few days before selling out. While Xbox Series X stock seems to have stabilized, the same cannot be said about the PS5. The PS5 still routinely sells out in minutes and we're lucky to see more than one restock each week.

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