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Grab 8 PC Games For $3 For A Limited Time

The Guardian Bundle 7 includes eight games worth more than $70.


The latest Fanatical bundle is offering eight indie games for three bucks, including quirky titles such as Inspector Waffles,Songs for a Hero: Definitive Edition, and more. All told, the catalog is worth over $70, so it's definitely a pretty great deal. While there's a good chance you haven't heard of some of the games in the bundle, the extremely cheap asking price makes it a fun way to try some new games. And hey, if you like even one of the games, that's a win for three bucks.

Each game in the Guardian Bundle 7 is redeemable through Steam, and all purchases come with a 5% off coupon for your next order.

If you're looking for a nostalgic 2D platformer, check out Songs for a Hero: Definitive Edition. With adorable pixel art graphics, old-school-level design, and a whimsical story, this adventure is one of the standouts of the Guardian Bundle 7. The Definitive Edition also includes some DLC, providing you with some extra playtime beyond the main adventure.

Inspector Waffles is another old-school creation, although this time you'll be stepping into the shoes of a feline detective for some adventure game hijinks. A CEO was recently murdered in Cat Town, and it'll be up to Waffles to break the case. Despite the bleak storyline, the game finds plenty of opportunities to crack jokes, and its soothing jazz soundtrack keeps things relaxing (even though the stakes are high).

All eight games in the Guardian Bundle 7 can be found below.

Guardian Bundle 7

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