Get 10 Bizarre Steam Games For Just $5

From Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures to Press X to Not Die, these quirky indies are definitely worth checking out for this bargain price.


The Staff Picks Bundle Sale at Fanatical is now live, giving you the chance to pick up 10 games for just five bucks. Most of the games are niche indies, but they span a wide variety of genres (including FMV, adventure, and 2D platformers), so you're bound to find something that catches your eye.

The bundle is offered in three different tiers--one game for one buck, five games for three bucks, or 10 games for five bucks. You'll get to pick whichever titles you'd like from a catalog of 20, all of which are offered as Steam keys. You'll also get a 5% off coupon for your next purchase.

One of the strangest games in the catalog is Press X to Not Die, an FMV game that plays out like a bad B movie. You'll be confronted with bizarre scenarios as you try to escape a neighborhood filled with chaos and murderous citizens. It's weird--check out its gameplay trailer--but is a fun purchase for just one buck.

A bunch of other off-the-wall titles are included in the catalog, such as Tesla vs. Lovecraft and One Finger Death Punch bundle. So if your current rotation of games has grown stale, consider checking out the Staff Picks catalog and cleansing your palate with these quirky indies.

Staff Picks Bundle

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