Xbox Cloud Gaming, previously Project xCloud, introduced Xbox gamers to an easy way of playing their favorite titles via streaming, whether they're using a PC, Xbox One, or even a smart phone or tablet. The service has had some criticisms, but overall has been received well, but there are still some shortcomings to it.

One of the most notable of these is the lack of keyboard and mouse support. While most Xbox gamers are already accustomed to using their controller to play games either on the Xbox directly or through the Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming service, it's a feature that some have nonetheless been left hoping for.


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Thankfully for those players, there's now official confirmation that keyboard and mouse support is in the works. Xbox software engineer Morgan Brown confirmed the news, noting that developers could implement the controls now, but global support was still in the works. In the future, players can expect to be able to utilize the mouse and keyboard to control all Xbox Cloud Gaming games, if they so choose. This is in keeping with the Xbox consoles themselves, as they received keyboard and mouse support some time ago.

Unfortunately, Brown offered no information on exactly when the functionality would launch, so there's still time to wait. While this is likely to disappoint some fans, especially those who are accustomed to mouse and keyboard from PC gaming, some gamers may be pleased that it's not ready yet, or would prefer that it not happen at all.

While not always the case, some games show a significant advantage in control when using a keyboard and mouse tuned to the user's specifications. This often creates conflict when games pull players from PC and consoles alike, as one usually ends up with a potential advantage over the other. With Xbox Cloud Gaming gaining keyboard and mouse controls, it's possible that this problem may intensify, as it could even impact games that don't ordinarily allow for cross-system play.

However, this move will likely open up the appeal of Xbox Cloud Gaming to additional players. Although Microsoft has brought a myriad of Xbox games to Windows PCs as well, not every single game has made the jump. Buying into the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier costs significantly less than buying a brand new console - providing the player can even find an Xbox Series X - as well as the games themselves. PC gamers who find themselves interested in Xbox-exclusive titles may end up joining the service once the feature launches.

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