The Quarry tells the story of nine protagonists trying to survive the night because of a strange twist of fate. However, fate has nothing to do with their dilemma, as it’s Jacob’s fault in the first place. That’s because the Sport Coach wanted to spend one more night with his summer fling, Emma, so he decided to mess with the van.

As a result, he spends the whole night blaming himself and crying alone. To give him closure, players can arrange a meeting between Jacob and Emma in the last chapter of The Quarry by following very specific steps.


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How To Make Jacob Tell Emma The Truth And Get The Nobody’s Fool Achievement In The Quarry

To get the Nobody’s Fool Achievement, players need to make Jacob and Emma meet by letting the latter become infected.

Chapter 4: Emma Gets Infected Twice

After Jacob leaves her alone on The Island, Emma encounters some trouble when she reaches the treehouse. Here, she needs to be bitten twice by werewolf Max, therefore, choose these options:

  • Complete QTE on Zip Line
  • QTE UP
  • QTE UP
  • DOWN
  • FAIL QTE (Emma’s arm is bitten)
  • QTE Right
  • FAIL QTE (Emma’s leg is bitten)
  • QTE UP

The photo choice is optional if players wish to collect all Evidence in The Quarry.

Chapter 6: Save Jacob And Infect Emma Again

In chapter six, Jacob finds Emma and both have a little chat. Sadly, a werewolf appears and interrupts the conversation. The Sports Coach cannot be bitten in this chapter, otherwise, the Achievement won’t be gained.

To save Jacob in The Quarry, complete the QTE while running then choose RUN and do the other QTE. When he gets stuck in a bear trap, pick PRY OPEN to have Jed kidnap him.

Later on, in the same chapter, Emma encounters Jed and Bobby capturing a werewolf. Pick RUN to make another monster follow her and bite her a third time. After that, she’ll go sit inside the van parked outside the Lodge. It’s crucial that Emma is bitten three times, otherwise, she won’t transform in chapter eight.

Chapter 8: Don’t Use Silver Shot And Save Jacob

Once Abigail, Dylan, and Kaitlyn arrive at the Lodge, they’ll hear a rustle from the van. Upon approaching it, Dylan opens the door and werewolf Emma emerges. Next, choose the following options:

  • Shoot Emma (before she grabs Abi)
  • Shoot her again on top of the van
  • Shoot Emma

In the last few scenes of chapter eight, stop Laura from killing the monster in the red room and then solve the breaker puzzle to save Jacob. Pull breaker 1 and 2 then pull 2 and 3 to free him.

Chapter 9: Shoot Chris Hackett

While playing as Ryan in chapter nine, kill Chris Hackett by shooting him when the chance arises. This way, Emma’s curse is lifted.

Chapter 10: Tell The Truth

In one scene during chapter 10, Jacob will encounter bloody Emma in Hackett’s Woods. To get the Nobody’s Fool Achievement, pick the HONEST, REMORSEFUL, and APOLOGETIC dialogue options.

The Quarry is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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