Released in 2001, Silent Hill 2 has gone on to become one of the most influential survival horror games of all time. The series is currently dormant, but that doesn't stop it from continuing to have an impact on the genre. In fact, the now defunct Kojima / del Toro project P.T. is influencing newer horror games like MADiSON and Visage, such is the franchise's legacy. Alongside this, a fan-made PC port of the second installment has just had a new patch, and it brings with it some changes and a bug fix that's been a long time coming.

As seen by Bloody Disgusting, the "Enhanced Edition" of Silent Hill 2, which aims to make sure the classic release is compatible with more modern hardware, has just had its eighth update. One of the major changes it brings with it is the inclusion of an installer and game launcher, which simplifies the process of installing and running the mod. There have also been some additional quality of life improvements, but one of the most interesting implementations is for an audio glitch that's been present for the last twenty years.

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Essentially, playing on a multicore processor would cause numerous audio issues, such as skips or even game crashes. This new version of the "Enhanced Edition" has now fixed this, as well as fixing some other audio problems, such as stuttering. While the Silent Hill franchise is possibly getting a reboot, according to film director Christophe Gans, it's nice to know that there are modders out there who are keeping an eye on the classic entries. Fixing this bug means that PC players can finally be done with having any issues when it comes to the game's sound.

It's interesting that it's taken two decades to finally squash this bug, but the team behind the mod are obviously dedicated to making sure it runs as well as it can on PC. Considered by many to be the best Silent Hill game in the whole series, the second installment was a masterclass in psychological horror and pacing. It also brought with it Pyramid Head who, despite only being canonically relevant to protagonist James Sunderland's story, has cropped up in other places over the years.

There are also talks of a Silent Hill 2 remake possibly in development, rumored to be under the care of Bloober Team. There's been no confirmation as of yet, but many would no doubt be interested in seeing new titles under the Silent Hill umbrella. In the meantime, there is an unofficial remake of the first game being done in Unreal Engine 5, and players can always go back and play the classics, which should be much better on PC now with this updated version of the PC port.

An official Silent Hill 2 remake is rumored to be in development.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting