The popular five-season fantasy anime, Seven Deadly Sins: Nanatsu no Taizai, based on Nakaba Suzuki’s manga series, was an iconic show that grabbed the attention of many anime fans. The story presented a world filled with magic and different races striving for superiority. The Seven Deadly Sins, a powerful group, was humanity's biggest shield against any possible threat that put them in grave danger.

Seven Deadly Sins properly revealed the powers of the Demon clan & the Goddess clan but partially outlined the true extent of a power that transcended both clans: Chaos. Chaos was introduced in the last season of Seven Deadly Sins with Arthur, "The King of Chaos," at the forefront. Chaos is a primordial ability that leaves a lot to be explained. So, what is Chaos and the true extent of Arthur's ability as the King of this powerful entity?


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The Forgotten History of Chaos

Among the major characters of Seven Deadly Sins, only a few knew the entity Chaos. Even Meliodas, the current Demon King, possessed minimal knowledge of the scope of Chaos after Arthur was reborn as the King of Chaos. Delving back into the history of the Goddess and the Demon clan, one would discover that 'Chaos' plays a central role in their existential creation. Chaos was the source of all life; it created the world of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Supreme Deity, the Demon King, and even the revered Sacred Tree managed by the fairies.

Consequently, Chaos created the Demons, Fairies, and Goddesses, implying that this primordial force is greater than any being fans have seen in Seven Deadly Sins. Chaos also birthed the partners of the Fairies: the Giants; however, the being wasn’t satisfied with its creation of the Giants. They were brutal, unethical, and savage, seeking only what they could destroy instead of what they could create. Bothered by this development, the primordial force then decided to create humans: the perfect mix of positive and negative emotions. However, humans were far weaker than any of the other races. Still, they were revered as Chaos's greatest creation because they had something the other races didn't have: emotional intelligence.

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Despite Chaos giving life to the Supreme Deity, the head of the Goddess clan, and the Demon King, ruler of the demons, they both connived to seal the godly force. Their reason wasn't born from any just or rightful cause but jealousy – they both feared that their absolute reign over their clans would be challenged by Chaos. To prevent this from happening, the Demon King and the Supreme Deity sealed their creator away, fulfilling their desire to rule unchallenged by any other force. However, their goal was never fully accomplished. Chaos wasn’t successfully sealed. The primordial being still existed within the Mother of Chaos, Hawk Mama; the Seven Deadly Sins travel ride.

Chaos also created Cath Palug, the unprecedented villain of the series, a vengeful creation that believes that it should be the true King of Chaos. It once tried to take Chaos's power but failed, only to be defeated by its creator. Chaos was a silent existence throughout the Seven Deadly Sins until Arthur's powers manifested.

How Powerful Is Arthur As the King Of Chaos?

Merlin has always shown a clear interest in Arthur from the first season of the series for some reason; she even abandoned the Seven Deadly Sins to watch over Arthur. When Chaos was finally revealed in the series, Merlin's actions finally made sense. Merlin has always been obsessed with magic, and Arthur's Chaos was a new development she wasn't fully familiar with. Hence, it served as the perfect development for Merlin to fawn over.

During Arthur's awakening as the "King of Chaos," Arthur's friend and pet, Cath, revealed its nature. The malevolent creature wanted to eat Arthur whole and gain the ability of Chaos and destroy everything the being had ever created, but it didn’t succeed. After Arthur fully awakened, one striking feat everyone noticed was his ability to change reality, albeit unconsciously. Cath, on the other hand, after succeeding in consuming Arthur's hand, was able to execute tremendous abilities. However, Arthur discovered how to defeat Cath and absorbed the malevolent creature into his body, and the whole event marked Arthur as the King of Chaos.

Chaos is closely linked to Arthur Pendragon because he was chosen by the entity to carry on its power. “Chaos” can be a source of great joy and happiness & terror, and nightmares, depending on how it is used. Once Arthur has full control over Chaos, his potential will be limitless. At this point, it is fair to refer to Arthur as the strongest character in Seven Deadly Sins. Chaos once created mighty beings such as the Supreme Deity and the Demon King. Thus, if Arthur is able to wield such power to its full extent, he can erase all the races from existence and create another world.

Unfortunately, Chaos was an ability the Seven Deadly Sins franchise failed to explain properly; hopefully, in the incoming Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Sequel, the full extent of Chaos will finally be revealed.

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