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With limited items available in Raft, players have to make do with what they have. People will start their journey on a tiny raft and a hook, slowly fishing out Raft materials like Planks and Plastics.

However, eventually, rafters will find that the basic items aren’t sufficient to make more advanced items. For example, electrical items require a Battery to use, while some large items demand Iron. Therefore, if players wish to advance the technologies on their raft, it’s important for them to know how to get Metal and Copper in Raft.


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How To Get Metal In Raft

Metal can be found underwater in Raft, along the walls and rocks of an island. Usually, several Metal Ores can be found near each other. They have a silver-blue color that can easily be spotted during the day, and players need to bring a hook to harvest them.

After getting the Metal Ores in Raft, players have to smelt them in the Smelter to turn them into Metal Ingots. One Ore can be converted into one Ingot,

How To Get Copper In Raft

Similar to Metal Ore, Copper can also be found underwater, along the walls of an island. However, unlike Metal, Copper has a brown-red tint. The Smelter is also needed to turn Copper into Copper Ingot.

How To Make A Smelter In Raft

To make a Smelter in Raft, players have to first research it via the Research Table. Insert Plank, Dry Brick, Scrap, and Nail to learn it. Plank in Raft can easily be found all over the world, while Scrap can be found underwater. Two Scraps can then be converted into three Nails.

As for Dry Brick, it’s a little longer to explain. To get one, rafters have to follow these steps:

  1. Get two Clays and two Sands
  2. Create a Wet Brick using the Clay and Sand
  3. Equip the Wet Brick and place them on the raft, the same way players would place decorations
  4. Wait five minutes for the Brick to dry
  5. Pick up the Dry Brick and use it to create a Smelter

What Metal and Copper Are Used For In Raft

Both Metal and Copper are precious commodities in Raft. They’re used for many key items.

Metal Ingot can be used to make things like:

  • Bolt
  • Hinge
  • Recycler
  • Net Launcher
  • Metal Arrow
  • Stationary Anchor

Meanwhile, Copper Ingot is useful for:

  • Circuit Board
  • Battery

The list may seem small, but Hinge, Bolt, Battery, and Circuit Board are some of the most important items in Raft.

  • Hinge can later be used to make other items like Large Crop Plot, Storage, Large Storage, Recycler, Shears, and Receiver
  • Bolt is used on almost every advanced tool
  • Battery is required to power electrical machines
  • Circuit Board is needed to create electrical machines

Raft is available on PC.

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