One of the most challenging features of Raft is diving underwater to look for materials. Players get a lot of materials that are crucial to their journey. In fact, most Raftmaterials are essential since each one of them contributes‌ to making the following item.

When descending into Raft’s ocean, players can get Clay, Copper, Giant Clam, Metal Ore, Sand, Scrap, Stone, and Seaweed. Weirdly enough, though, gathering Seaweed can be confusing as there isn’t a prompt to collect them, unlike other items. To help players get Seaweed in Raft, here’s what they need to know.


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How To Get Seaweed In Raft

To get Seaweed in Raft, dive underwater and search for the tall green Kelp forest. They’re usually not too deep, so it’s not a hassle to reach them. After reaching those plants, players can notice that some leaves are slightly shining to indicate they’re collectible. Reach them and press E to pick up the Seaweed. No tool is required for this task.

Kelp forests are mostly scattered underwater around all islands. It is rare to come across an island that doesn’t have Seaweeds in its waters.

A Shark lurks around the Raft, and players must distract it with Shark Bait. When the enemy takes the bait, there’s a window of two to three minutes to dive undersea and gather Seaweeds.

Players can also kill the Shark. But it’s going to put up a fight, so be ready. After defeating the Shark, there’s a window of three to five minutes to dive and get the Seaweeds.

The Shark will make it near impossible to find and collect Seaweeds since it won’t stop attacking while players are underwater. So the best option is to disable it for a while.

Seaweed can only be used to create two things:

  • Flippers
  • Vine Goo

Flippers increase players’ movement speed while swimming or diving. When equipped, Flippers will shorten the time needed to find and gather materials underwater. This enhancement will also allow players to scavenge more while the Shark is inactive.

Flippers also need Vine Goo as one of its materials, and players can get this item by placing the Seaweeds inside Smelter. This material can also be used to craft an Oxygen Bottle. Another important item to deal with Raft’s ocean.

There are many items that can be crafted by using Vine Goo, and some of them are very useful, like the Basic Bow and Circuit Board. Basic Bows are great for dealing with all of Raft’s monsters from a distance. Players will have the freedom and space to dodge attacks while dealing damage. As for Circuit Boards, just like the Vine Goo, they also can help craft many important items, like the Recycler, Engine, and Receiver.

Raft is available on PC.

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