Pokemon Unite continues to evolve with new content such as additional Pokemon, themed events, and free rewards. The latest edition of Pokemon Presents revealed new information regarding Pokemon Unite and introduces a brand-new event featuring the renowned franchise mascot, Pikachu.

This past July, The Pokemon Company revealed new playable Pokemon joining the MOBA such as Glaceon and new features like Pokemon Boost Emblems. Additionally, the Anniversary Cake Challenge event was introduced with new missions to complete on July 21. Completing missions from the Anniversary Cake Challenge event rewards players with luxurious cosmetics such as Tuxedo Style: Crustle and Tuxedo Style: Cramorant. Pokemon Unite Ranked Match: Season 5 began alongside the Anniversary Cake Challenge and features another reward for those aiming for master rank, Tuxedo Style: Decidueye.


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The 1st anniversary festivities in Pokemon Unite continue with the arrival of the super powered Buzzwole and the Pika Party event starting August 3, at 8 p.m. ET. Buzzwole is a devastating striker on the field with abilities such as Superpower and Ultra Swole Slam. Superpower utilizes Buzzwole's entire muscle gauge to unleash a destructive grab and slam. The Superpower attack deals damage to surrounding Pokemon in the area of effect. Buzzwole flies at high speed, targeting Pokemon with low HP and greatly damaging them with the Ultra Swole Slam AOE attack.

Pokemon Unite's 1st anniversary lineup of events grows with the Pika Party, a new event where all Pokemon on the field, including players and wild Pokemon, are Pikachu. Furthermore, the arena is Pikachu themed to celebrate the popular series mascot. The limited-time game mode lasts until September 1, allowing Pikachu fans to battle it out on an even playing field for a month's time. Pokemon Presents provided a glimpse into Pika Party by highlighting bouts between Pikachu players and wild Pikachu in a new trailer.

The Pokemon Company continues to give back to active players that have supported Pokemon Unite over the past year, and newcomers may experience the fun for free. Pokemon Unite succeeds with a steady flow of new Pokemon and events, which is key to maintaining and growing a healthy player base for years to come. For instance, players can already expect Tyranitar to arrive in Pokemon Unite soon after Buzzwole's debut. More events and playable Pokemon are being prepared for September this year as well.

Free content is also a main priority, and Pokemon Unite's 70 million downloads across mobile and Switch proves that the game's content model works well. The Pokemon Company should continue to develop content with the playerbase's best interests in mind.

Pokemon Unite is available now for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

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