The following contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel Episode 3, “Destined.”As Ms. Marvel reaches the halfway point in its first season, the episode should be all about Kamala’s big brother getting married. While the festivities do play a large part in the episode, Aamir and his bride largely take a back seat to the action as Kamala finds out more about her heritage and has a big fight on her hands.

The reveal about Kamala’s heritage provides some interesting Easter eggs for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the comics. They also raise a lot of questions that will hopefully be answered by the end of the season.


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The Bangles Are A Pair

A flashback to 1942 reveals a search for the bangle that Kamala wears in the modern day. The search occurs in a temple, and reveals a severed blue hand wearing one. Blue-skinned beings in the MCU have been associated with Kree so far, but they are also associated with the mythological Djinn mentioned as well. Interestingly, the group searching for it, which includes Kamala’s great-grandmother Aisha, remarks that the bangle is supposed to be part of a pair.

There is another pair of bracelets that provide cosmic abilities in the comics. That would be the Nega Bands. Some fans even theorized that Nega Bands would provide Kamala’s abilities in the series, though these bangles are said to be from another dimension. Only one bangle is found.

The Ten Rings

The images on the floor of the temple also appear to allude to another set of bracelets in the MCU. It appears they nod to the Ten Rings of Shang-Chi as the interlocking rings on the floor of the temple are the same logo as that in Shang-Chi.

The rings, like Kamala’s bangle, did seem to send a signal out when they were used by a new person. Even though they appear to have different abilities, they may originate in the same place, or that their wearers may have crossed paths in Earth’s ancient past.

Clan Destine

Kamran’s mother gives Kamala a crash course in just where her family and the bangle originate. Unlike the comics, it’s not an Inhuman lineage. They’re banished Djinn from another dimension that have been on Earth for over 100 years. Aisha was one as well. They refer to themselves as the “Clandestined,” which is a play on another Marvel super-powered family that also have a connection to Djinn.

While the Djinn, or Jinn, are mythical beings of immense power that provided the basis for the legends of genies in the real world, they also inspire a magical being in Marvel Comics. The Djinn are a race with huge power that slowly either leave Earth completely or are eradicated, depending on the comic book backstory.

There is, however, one Djinn in the comics who bonds with a human man named Adam thousands of years before the modern timeline. Elalyth falls in love with a man named Adam, saving him and making him immortal, and the two have several children. Their children have an incredibly long life span and form the Clan Destine, Destine being Adam’s surname. The member of the group in Ms. Marvel, Aadam, is a nod to him. Like the group Kamala meets, they tend to be divided. Some of them become superheroes while others become villains, and they all have different special abilities as a result of their mother.

The Unseen

There are several names used to describe the group of Djinn in the show. Kamala is told they are, “ajnabi,” which means stranger or other. She is also told they are, “majnoon,” which is a term used to describe those with mental illness. One of the more interesting is “the unseen.”

While the term likely relates to the Djinn myth that they are invisible to humans, it’s also a term used in Marvel Comics, though not for the Djinn. In the comics, it’s instead used to describe a group of beings that cannot be seen by the Watcher, a powerful being that can observe the timeline, but is never supposed to interfere. The character made his MCU debut in the Disney Plus series What If…?


Noor is a real-world word that does mean “light,” as Kamala mentions. The use of it here is an interesting one for the series, though not necessarily an Easter egg. The way Kamala and Kamran’s mother discuss Noor and its link to another dimension is similar to a whole other type of power in the Marvel universe.

There is, after all, a Dark Dimension. In Cloak & Dagger, it’s where Cloak’s abilities come from. In Agent Carter, it was where Zero Matter originated, which came to be known as Dark Force years later in Agents Of SHIELD. While those three shows might not exactly line up in the main MCU timeline anymore, they do demonstrate exactly what Kamran’s mother speaks off, just with darkness instead of light. Characters in each of the shows are able to manipulate darkness the same way Kamala manipulates light, but with different facets of the power. They also each have different levels of exposure to the Dark Dimension.

Interestingly, Clea, a Doctor Strange character, is from the Dark Dimension in the comics, and every time she leaves it, she has to eventually return to it to reactivate her powers. The longer she’s away, the weaker she gets. It appears the same idea is true for Noor and the Clan Destine here as they can sense Noor, but don’t have a link to manipulate it the way Kamala can with the bangle.

Dr. Selvig And Dimensional Doorways

When Kamala and Bruno discuss trying to use the bangle to open a doorway to the home dimension for the Djinn, Bruno is very clear on just how dangerous it is. He wants to do more research into the physics behind it, and he name checks someone familiar to MCU fans.

Bruno decides he needs to read up more on Dr. Selvig’s research. Selvig, fans will remember, debuted in Thor studying astrophysics with Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis. He’s appeared in several MCU movies with his research being mentioned as it relates to traveling between Earth and Asgard usually.

The idea of a dimensional doorway has also already been broached in the MCU as America Chavez is able to travel to alternate Earths by opening star-shaped portals. The idea of “things going boom” if Kamala uses the bangle indicates that America is more powerful than she realizes.

Iron Man And Hulk Nods

Throughout the episode, when Kamala isn’t donned in her wedding attire, she’s wearing an Iron Man tee shirt, keeping with her theme of wearing a new superhero shirt in every episode - but they’re always paired with her Captain Marvel inspired jacket.

A young relative at the wedding provides a nod to Hulk. He's wearing the Hulk costume Kamala's mother made in the first episode.

A Familiar Pose

Kamala has a difficult time fighting Kamran’s family at her brother’s wedding. She has very little experience using her abilities, and none actually fighting someone using them, so it’s impressive that she holds her own against five adults who have had at least 100 years to use theirs.

When Kamala finally realizes just how strong she is and commits to using her own powers against the others instead of just avoiding them, she strikes a familiar pose. With her fist raised in front of her, coated in hard light, and a smirk on her face, she’s very reminiscent of the first issue cover of Kelly Sue DeConnick's Captain Marvel run in which Carol Danvers tugs on one of her gloves. The cover art was created by David Lopez.

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