Alongside recently revealing Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s title, BioWare revealed that fans would learn a little more about the game later this year—though it will not release this year. It’s exciting, then, to imagine what fans could learn during a Game Awards 2022 trailer, as that’s the most logical scenario. Some think Dragon Age: Dreadwolf could be a holiday 2023 title, and it's possible that its window is confirmed in its next trailer.

Obviously, a trailer is not going to spill all the secrets of the game. It’s likely a new trailer could at least showcase a few companions, the Tevinter, some of the story, and more, but it’ll definitely require fans to check out Dragon Age: Dreadwolf upon release to get the full picture. One interesting detail that the next game should address, though, ties into the blood of the Qunari.


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Dragon Age: Why is Qunari Blood Such a Mystery

The horned race of Thedas is an interesting one that has enraptured fans since Sten in DA: O and the Arishok in Dragon Age 2. All races in Dragon Age hold some secret or unknown details, such as the Dwarves and Titans, as well as the Elves' misunderstanding of their ancient culture. For the Qunari, perhaps their biggest secret, or at least the existence of, comes out in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Iron Bull dialogue would suggest that the Qun does not fully understand their creation. They were once known as Kossith, supposedly from well beyond Thedas, but adopted the name Qunari when subjugated under the Qun. Yet, Iron Bull argues that the Qunari and the Kossith are probably nothing alike. The peculiarity of their existence isn’t really questioned in a fantasy game, but it seems there’s more to it than meets the eye.

When siding with the Templars, Corypheus will call a Qunari Inquisitor a “beast of strange blood.” He’ll also say, in the final battle, “What do they call you, a Qunari? Your blood is engorged with decay, your race is not a race, it is a mistake!” Furthermore, only when Morrigan’s son Kieran is born with the soul of an Old God, he will tell a Qunari Inquisitor that their blood does not belong to them. This would suggest that Qunari are some created race.

The biggest hints suggest that, somehow, Kossith and Dragon blood were mixed to create the Qunari. This is supported when Cole says a better name for Iron Bull would be Iron Dragon. This has led many to believe that Tevinter somehow experimented on early Kossith, creating the Qunari by infusing them with dragon blood. This is dangerous in more ways than one.

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Why Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and Solas May Hold the Answer

On the assumption that Qunari share dragon blood, it would explain their violent tendencies—if that truly exists in the game world and isn’t just Qunari prejudice. It’s similar to what happens to Sten in Dragon Age: Origins, but drinking dragon blood is how a Reaver gets their power. To be born with dragon blood would make that even more sensible.

But, this could play a huge role in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. It’s known that Solas intends to tear down the Veil, consequences be damned, to restore his people to power. However, there are plenty of dangerous beings behind the Veil, including the Evanuris. Many have long theorized that the Elven Gods are somehow related to the Old Gods of Tevinter—namely because there are 9 total Evanuris (counting The Dread Wolf and Mythal)—and 7 Old Gods. Subtract the two known Elven deities from the equation, and there are seven.

Plus, Solas is appalled by the actions of the Grey Wardens and how they kill the Old Gods to end a Blight. If the mental state of the Evanuris are trapped beyond the Veil, some think it goes so far as the Old Gods being physical forms of them. Given Blights began in Tevinter and Tevinter mages like Corypheus crossed into the Veil at the call of the Old Gods, this makes sense.

So, if Old Gods and dragons are connected to the Qunari yet also connected to the Evanuris, their return could be dangerous for the Qunari. It’s uncertain how, but it’s possible the Evanuris could control them. They are already invading Tevinter and have a massive army, and this could the fan-favorite faction into an enemy.

The exact details are unknown, but Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will likely reveal what’s so unique about Qunari Blood. If it’s connected to dragons and dragons are connected to these Elven Gods in some way, it could spell disaster—a fun game, but disaster for the Qunari nonetheless.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is in development.

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