Thor: Love and Thunder will be the fourth installment for Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but one of the more exciting elements is the inclusion of Academy Award-winning actor Christian Bale as the film's antagonist, Gorr the God Butcher. Bale recently opened up about the role and the shock he experienced after discovering the character's comic book appearance.

Thor: Love and Thunder will focus on the titular character as he embarks on a tranquil journey to find peace, which quickly derails with the arrival of the galactic antagonist Gorr the God Butcher. Driven by the desire to eliminate all gods, Thor must seek the aid of old and familiar faces to combat the new threat before everything precious is lost. Gorr's power comes from the Necrosword, which grants the wielder superhuman abilities and other gifts, making the villain a very dangerous threat.


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Casting Bale to portray the new villain was an incredible move by Marvel Studios because of the actor's notoriety and household appeal. Bale was confirmed for the transformational role in December 2020 but experienced some misgivings after seeing Gorr the God Butcher's comic book appearance. "You sort of go, 'I know what he does.' It's right there in the name, isn't it?" stated Bale while speaking with GamesRadar. "But I did make the mistake of Googling him and, oh no! In the comics, he runs around in a G-string all the time. And I thought, 'They don't have the right man for that!'"

Bale later revealed that director Taika Waititi dismissed the idea that the actor would have to wear anything of that nature to play the role, but it didn't eliminate the fact that Waititi could add it on later without Bale knowing. "I always did think what he could do with this in front of a bluescreen – he could chuck on whatever he wants later on," stated Bale. To the actor's relief, however, the attire donned by his villainous character is entirely different from the comic book's portrayal, allowing Bale to make the character his own in a unique way.

Waititi noted that Bale's incredible take on Gorr the God Butcher has tested higher than any MCU foes that audiences have encountered. The inclusion of Bale adds depth to the character, but it'll be interesting to see what he does to make the character stand apart from notable villains such as Loki and Thanos. Additionally, Waititi pointed out the character is one of the more sympathetic villains audiences have seen and even went as far as to call Bale's Gorr the best villain that Marvel has possibly ever had. Early footage of Bale in the upcoming film has been breathtaking, but only time will tell if his character can live up to such high expectations.

Alongside Bale and Hemsworth, the upcoming Marvel Studios film will star Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, and Russell Crowe alongside the return of the Guardian of the Galaxy to the big screen. Early reactions surrounding the film should begin to surface soon as the red carpet premiere inches closer into view, but the desire to experience the film for many may henge upon the reception of the film's new villain. Nevertheless, Bale should add something exciting to MCU, and audiences should be lucky that wardrobe concerns didn't push the actor to go elsewhere.

Thor: Love and Thunder will hit theaters on July 8, 2022.

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Source: GamesRadar