After being officially announced during BlizzCon 2019, Overwatch 2 has seemingly had a bit of a rollercoaster development cycle. Following the initial reveal, the game suddenly went dark for years, leaving fans wondering about the state of the game, especially with numerous high profile developers departing the project and Blizzard like Jeff Kaplan. However, things have seemingly shifted in a much more positive direction, with Blizzard not only showcasing more about the game, but giving it an actual release date as well.


With an October release date set for the game's PvP mode as well as being confirmed as free to play, there are some lingering questions the community has regarding Overwatch 2. Although not free to play, the first Overwatch made heavy use of microtransactions and loot boxes, two aspects of the gaming industry that have come under fire from both fans, critics, and even government bodies from countries like Belgium.

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In response, Blizzard previously announced that loot boxes are no longer a part of Overwatch 2, being replaced by a typical seasonal battle pass system seen in numerous live service style games. However, some fans have begun to wonder what would happen to left over loot boxes or premium currency on accounts that make the jump from Overwatch to Overwatch 2 on launch day. Thankfully, an "Ask Me Anything" on the official Games subReddit addressed these concerns, providing new information and clarity to those wondering.

Taking on the question was Jon Spector, who currently serves as the Overwatch Commercial Lead at Blizzard. Although Spector confirmed a more detailed explaination closer to launch, he did share that premium currencies like credits, OWL tokens, and competitive points, will stay with the player and transfer into the new game. However, Overwatch 2 will have a new currency and some items inside the shop will not be purchasable with older, legacy style currency.

On the topic of loot boxes, players will find that these do not carry over as the system is being removed entirely. Instead, Overwatch players with left over loot boxes will be opened automatically and the unlocked items will be added to the player's account and ready to be used inside Overwatch 2. Ultimately, the news should please fans who likely believed the currency and loot boxes would simply be wiped.

Thankfully, players won't have to wait long until they can jump in and experience the upcoming shooter. A beta session, while not open, will let those who picked up the Overwatch 2 Watchpoint Pack as well as players who opted in to experience parts of the game starting on June 28 through July 18.

Overwatch 2 will launch on October 4 in early access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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