Berserk is one of the greatest manga ever made. Kentaro Miura has influenced a generation of video games, manga, shows, and everything else along the same lines. The sheer number of revolutionary things in Berserk that are still referenced to this day shows just how groundbreaking this manga really is, and Miura's genius is something that is sorely missed in the realm of manga. Thankfully, his legacy still persists to this day, and fans can always read through his amazing artistry and see how much he grew over the course of drawing Berserk.

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At the heart of Berserk is Guts, one of the most engaging and exciting protagonists in manga history. He seems like an unnecessarily angsty warrior... until his backstory is revealed to show the horrors he had to go through. Here are some of the worst things that have happened to Guts over the course of Berserk.


10 Being Born From The Remnants Of A Corpse

Guts' life was destined to be miserable from the get-go. After all, a mercenary band found him under the corpse of his mother, who had given birth to him after he had presumably died.

While he was adopted by one of the women in the group, she also died of the plague shortly after. As a result, Guts never got to know either his true mom or his adoptive one.

9 Treated Poorly As A Bad Omen

In the world of Berserk, a child that was born from the womb of a corpse was considered a death omen. As a result, Guts was on the receiving end of the ire of everyone around him.

Everything bad that happened in the mercenary group was blamed on him. It was clear that he was the focus of all hatred from the get-go, which is not something a young child should go through at all.

8 Abused When He Was Just Nine Years Old

Donovan, one of the members of the mercenary group that Guts was taken under, took a liking to the young boy. However, his affections were quite sinister in nature, and this was revealed during one horrible night that changed Guts' life.

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Even though Guts got his revenge the next day, the scars from this traumatic night haunted him for the longest time.

7 Realizing That His Own Adoptive Father Didn't Care About Him At All

During Guts' childhood years, there was only one source of stability that he had in his life, or so he thought. This person was the leader of the mercenary group, Gambino, who treated Guts like dirt even though the boy considered him to be a father figure of sorts.

However, it turned out that Gambino was nothing more than the scum of the earth. He was the man who sold Guts to Donovan for a meager three coins and even tried to kill Guts in his sleep after getting jealous of the latter's competency on the battlefield.

6 Getting Betrayed By Someone He Considered To Be His Closest Friend

It seemed that Guts' life was changing for the better after joining the Band of the Hawk. The bond he formed with both Griffith, Casca, and the rest of the group was a much-needed source of happiness in his life.

However, after Griffith was tortured and lost everything he had, the man went down a dark path and decided to sacrifice the people closest to him in the fifth Eclipse. This included Guts as well, who couldn't believe that someone like Griffith could've betrayed him in such a vicious manner.

5 Watching His Allies Die Brutal Deaths

Guts had grown really close to the Band of the Hawk. The members of this mercenary group got on Guts' nerves at the start, but he soon warmed up to the group and considered them to be his friends as well.

So, it was obviously tough for him to witness the brutal death of everyone in the group when Griffith unleashed the worst form of hell on them. However, it was the sight that followed that truly broke him.

4 Being Forced To Watch As The Love Of His Life Was Tormented

At the start, Casca was a mercenary who didn't really hold Guts in high regard and never gave him any respect whatsoever. However, after a chance encounter left them both isolated, Casca finally warmed up to Guts and realized what he was all about.

This led to her becoming Guts' lover, only for this happiness to be shattered when Griffith used the Behelit to gain untold power and become Femto. What proceeded was truly horrifying, with Guts being forced to watch as Griffith tormented Casca.

3 Cutting Off His Own Arm In A Vain Bid To Save His Lover

It was clear that Guts would not let Griffith have his way with Casca without putting up a fight. However, before he could move to stop the newly-arisen Femto in his tracks, he was restrained by a demon who bit into his arm to stop him.

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However, Guts didn't stand around helpless for long and used his broken sword to cut into his own arm and sever it. This was for naught, and he was restrained once again and forced to watch and Griffith carried on with his heinous deed.

2 Turning Into A Source Of Anxiety For The Person He Loves

While Guts and Casca managed to survive the fifth Eclipse, it came at a massive cost. Casca was especially affected by this event, losing her sanity in the process.

She also developed a fear of Guts that didn't go away even after she regained her sanity. It's a terrible feeling to be a source of fear for the person you love, and Guts had to experience this horrible feeling on top of everything else.

1 Being Hunted By Evil Spirits For The Rest Of His Life

The Invocation of Doom branded both Guts and Casca with the Mark of Sacrifice. This essentially meant that both people would be haunted and attacked by evil spirits for the rest of their existence.

Guts' transformation into the Black Swordsman involved dealing with these horrible demons during his journey to hunt down Griffith and the rest of the God Hand. If his life wasn't hard enough as is, Guts also has to deal with these demons and indirectly endangers everyone around him, which is why he prefers to travel alone.

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