The following contains spoilers for Episode 6 of A Couple of Cuckoos, "I thought you live by yourself" now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Recent episodes have proven to the world that A Couple of Cuckoos is definitely one of the most fun RomCom anime to watch in Spring 2022. Even in the face of formidable competitors such as Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie, Komi Can’t Communicate, and the new season of Kaguya-sama: Love is War, A Couple of Cuckoos manage to stand tall and constantly deliver enjoyable episodes week after week.


Sure, this series did have a rather sloppy start, but it quickly regained its footing, and now it is stronger than ever. Episode 5 in particular was certainly the highlight of the series thus far. So can this sixth episode exceed the quality of the last one? Or at the very least be as good as the fifth episode? Let’s find out in this review for the sixth episode of A Couple of Cuckoos.

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Previously On A Couple of Cuckoos

Due to certain complications, Erika has to transfer to Nagi’s school. Not only that, she is also in the same class as Nagi now. Needless to say, Erika never mentioned this big news to Nagi simply because she wanted to see his surprise face. As expected, Nagi is extremely shocked to see Erika coming to his class, wearing the same uniform as him.

Both of them agreed to keep the nature of their relationship and the fact that they live together as a secret. But even more than that, the thing that worries Nagi the most is that both Erika and Hiro somehow ended up becoming close friends. Sure, Erika is already famous thanks to her social media presence, while Hiro has always been the school’s idol, so it’s only natural for both of them to get closer.

But now that his fiancé is somehow becoming friends with her crush, Nagi can’t help but imagine the worst case scenario where both of them found out about the truth and think of him as a two-timing schmuck. To make matters even worse, Hiro asked Erika if she could come and visit her house, which is littered with Nagi’s stuff.

You Live Alone, Right?

There are three main events happening in Episode 6. The first one is Erika’s morning study session with Hiro and Nagi. Apparently, the lessons in Nagi’s school are way more advanced than Erika’s previous school, so Hiro instantly asks Erika to join her morning study session with Nagi. Nagi already talks to Erika about her confession to Hiro, so Erika decides to use that study session as a chance to play as a cupid for them. She even brought the cupid costume to school. As expected, hilarity ensues.

The second and most exciting one is when Hiro visits Erika’s house. At first, the plan is for Erika to bring Hiro to her actual house where her parents live. Knowing that he got the entire house for himself for the rest of the day, Nagi decided to do something that he always wanted to try, going around the house buck naked.

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Unfortunately, Erika’s house is under renovation, so she has to take Hiro to the house where she lives together with Nagi. The chaos that happens when Nagi finds out that the two of them are coming while he is still very much in his birthday suit is just pure comedy.

The third one is Nagi and Erika’s visit to Hiro’s house, which is actually one of the biggest temples in the area. There’s not much comedy in this part of the story. It’s more of a character development time for Hiro.

Satisfying Character Interaction

As you can see from the three main events mentioned above, episode 6 is all about character interaction. This is the time when the three main characters, and also possible love interests, finally spend some time together.

All three of them have a very distinct personality, so seeing the interaction between them happens in an organic way is so satisfying. Hiro has a bit more development compared to the other two, after all, we already spend quite some time early in the series to know more about Nagi and Erika. But overall, we find out something new about all of them.

The Funniest Episode Yet

This episode is a comedy gold. You will find yourself smiling and laughing from start to finish. From Erika wearing a conspicuous cupid costume in the middle of their study session in the library to Nagi having to silently run around from one room to the next while still buck naked, there are so many hilarious moments happening in this episode.

Even the somewhat serious moments that happen at the end will still be heartwarming enough to induce a smile or two on your face. That is why this sixth episode is without a doubt the funniest one in the series thus far.

Episode 5 was the high point for A Couple of Cuckoos, which is why lots of people thought that it would be difficult for the subsequent episodes to top it. Then episode 6 comes along and effortlessly exceeds everything that the previous episode has brought to the table. Hopefully the next episode will be as entertaining as this one.

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